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Section 5.5 Deeper

This is a stub of a <section>, but it contains two <subsection> which each contain a PROJECT-LIKE item that includes a <program> element, and thus is a coding exercise. This tests migration to the Runestone assignment area, though Runestone only has divisions two-deep (“chapter” and “subchapter”, so both will show up associated with the same <section>—this one.

The first is a start of a C program, so will only be interactive on a Runestone server. The second is a Python program, so will be interactive in all HTML outputs.

Subsection 5.5.1 Subsection One

An <activity> next. This one has a <program> so will be made interactive whenever possible.

Activity 5.5.1. Activity in a Subsection.

We would suggest you do something here.

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void)

Nothing suggests this next <project> is interactive. And we have configured the publication file to make any “project-like” to never be a “short answer” interactive question, even when built to host on a capable platform.

Project 5.5.2. Project in a Subsection.

You would work this project on paper, most likely.

Subsection 5.5.2 Subsection Two

An <exploration> next.

Exploration 5.5.3. Exploration in a Subsection.

We would suggest now that you explore something here.

The simple <exercise> could be a “short answer” question on a capable interactive platform, except that we have used the publication file to configure “inline” exercises to never be interactive.

Checkpoint 5.5.1. Inline Exercise in a Subsection.

I am never ever an interactive short answer question.