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Some Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Can I get a <b> element for bold?
No. That would be presentation. I'll answer that question with a question: why do you want to print something in bold? Is it emphasis? (See <em>.) Is it the volume number of a journal? (See <journal>.) Do you want to SHOUT? Try <alert>. And so on, there are lots of good answers, many un-implemented. We would love to hear about elements you need that are about expressing content, and not about altering presentation.

2. How do I install xsltproc on Ubuntu or Debian Linux?

Install the standard package xsltproc with sudo apt-get install xsltproc

3. How do I install pdf2svg? (Necessary for TikZ diagrams in HTML.)

Debian, Ubuntu Linux: install the package pdf2svg, sudo apt-get install pdf2svg

Mac, from Tom Judson: To install pdf2svg on a Mac, you will need to install MacPorts. Read the directions carefully, since you will need to install Xcode (available from the Mac App Store) first. Make sure that the command line tools are installed by running Xcode. After Xcode is installed read the directions to install Macports. Once MacPorts is installed run the following command to install pdf2svg sudo port install pdf2svg

Be patient as this will take a few minutes. To get rid of any intermediate build files, run the command sudo port clean --all all Again be patient.

Mac, from Jahrme Risner: I was never able to use MacPorts successfully; currently the much more commonly used package manager (which I am using) is HomeBrew.