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PreTeXt Sample Book: Abstract Algebra (SAMPLE ONLY)

Appendix D Hints and Answers to Selected Exercises

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I Basics
1 Preliminaries
1.4 Exercises

2 The Integers
2.4 Exercises

2.4.17. Fibonacci Numbers.

II Algebra
1 Groups
1.5 Exercises

3 Runestone Testing
3.7 True/False Exercises

3.7.1. True/False.

3.8 Multiple Choice Exercises

3.8.2. Multiple-Choice, Not Randomized, Multiple Answers.

3.8.4. Multiple-Choice, Randomized, Multiple Answers.

3.8.5. Mathematical Multiple-Choice, Not Randomized, Multiple Answers.

3.9 Parsons Exercises

3.9.1. Parsons Problem, Mathematical Proof.

3.9.4. Parsons Problem, Mathematical Proof, Numbered Blocks.

3.11 Matching Exercises

3.11.3. Matching Problem, Linear Algebra.

3.12 Clickable Area Exercises

3.12.3. Clickable Areas, Text in a Table.

3.15 Exercises that are Timed

Timed Exercises

3.15.1. True/False.