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Appendix G Lists of Exercises

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Since <exercise> come in several flavors, we use pseudo-elements to specify the distinct types. There are not many reading questions—but here is a list of all of them, by section, using a readingquestion pseudo-element.

4 An Interesting Corollary

Reading Question
Reading Question
Reading Question
Reading Question

16 Interactive Exercises

Reading Question 16.8.1 Short Answer

And now a list of all the inline exercises, and including the title of every <section>, even if there is no inline exercise contained inside it. The pseudo-element is inlineexercise.

1 Introduction

2 The Fundamental Theorem

3 Computing Integrals with Sage (\(\int\))

4 An Interesting Corollary

Checkpoint 4.4 Essay Question: Compare and Contrast
Checkpoint 4.7 An Inline Exercise
Checkpoint 4.10 A very structured exercise
Checkpoint 4.14

5 Some Facts and Figures

6 Some Advanced Ideas

7 Mathematics

8 Entering Text in Paragraphs, Titles, Captions

Checkpoint 8.1

9 Graphics

10 Demonstrations

11 Further Reading

12 List Calisthenics

13 Table Calisthenics

14 Interactive Elements, Authored in Javascript

Checkpoint 14.2
Checkpoint 14.9 Graph Planarity
Checkpoint 14.12 Changing Secant Lines

15 Interactive Elements, Server

16 Interactive Exercises

17 Interactive Coding

18 Audio

19 Video

20 Cross-Referencing

21 Internationalization

22 Pre-Formatted Text

23 Program Listings

24 Units of Measure

25 Side-By-Side Panels

26 Side-by-Side Gallery

27 Poetry

28 Atomic Objects

29 Advanced Numbering

Checkpoint 29.19 A Right Brace } and a Right Bracket]
Checkpoint 29.20 An Extraneous Exercise

30 Customizations

31 MyOpenMath Interactive Problems

Checkpoint 31.1 Negative Numbers and Exponents
Checkpoint 31.2 A Statistical Test

32 Ancillaries

33 Worksheets

34 Exercises, One Subsection

Checkpoint 34.1 Inline One
Checkpoint 34.2 Inline Two
Checkpoint 34.4 Inline Three

36 Exercises, Multiple Subsections

Checkpoint 36.1 Inline One
Checkpoint 36.2 Inline Two
Checkpoint 36.4 Inline Three