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Appendix F List of Results

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We had an automatic list of theorems for just one section, back in Subsection 29.6. Here we expand to include corollary in our space-delimited list of elements and we request divisions (headings) at each subsection and section. The default scope is the entire document, which is appropriate here in the backmatter. There are many subsections with no results, so we set the empty attribute to no to suppress them, though this is the default behavior (yes being the other option to see divisions with no list items). These lists are most valuable if you are in the practice of giving items titles.

2 The Fundamental Theorem

Theorem 2.1 The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

4 An Interesting Corollary

4.1 Second Version of FTC

Corollary 4.1

22 Program Listings (with code in the title)

Theorem 22.5

29 Advanced Numbering

29.1 One

Theorem 29.1 First Theorem
Theorem 29.2 Second Theorem

29.2 Two

Theorem 29.3 First Theorem!
Theorem 29.4 Second Theorem?
Theorem 29.5 First Theorem?
Theorem 29.6 Second Theorem!

29.3 Three

Theorem 29.7 First Theorem
Theorem 29.8 Second Theorem

29.4 Four

Theorem 29.9 Good Numbered Theorem One
Theorem 29.10 Good Numbered Theorem Two
Theorem 29.11 First Theorem
Theorem 29.12 Second Theorem
Theorem 29.13 First Theorem
Theorem 29.14 Second Theorem
Theorem 29.15 Bad Numbered Theorem One
Theorem 29.16 Bad Numbered Theorem Two

29.5 Five

Theorem 29.17 First Theorem
Theorem 29.18 Second Theorem

33 Worksheets

Theorem 33.5 Ohms Law
Theorem 33.6 Kirchoffs Current Law
Theorem 33.8 Kirchoffs Voltage Law

34 Exercises, One Subsection

Theorem 34.3 Major Result

36 Exercises, Multiple Subsections

36.1 Faux Subsection

Theorem 36.3 Major Result