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Section 16 Interactive Coding

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More interactive components, just for testing, no commentary.

Exercises 16.1 ActiveCode

ActiveCode, Python program.
Listing 16.1. An interactive Python program, using Runestone
Listing 16.2. An interactive Python program without codelens.

Exercises 16.2 CodeLens

A steppable Python program.
Listing 16.3. A Python program, stepable with CodeLens

Exercises 16.3 Activity with An ActiveCode

Something to do with ActiveCode program.

Activity 16.1. Activity Coding Exercise.

Similar to above, but now as a complete Python program inside an <activity>. This demonstrates the possibility to use any “project-like” block (<project>, <activity>, <exploration>, <investigation>), but not in the case when structured with <task>.
We’re still not really sure.

Subsection 16.4 YouTube

Video, observable on a Runestone server.
Video cover image