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Section 18 Audio

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2019-05-24: this is preliminary, and mostly based on the code for <video> so read the next section and mimic the style from there. But use an <audio> element and have the @source attribute point to an OGG, MP3, or WAV file. Plus, an @aspect attribute will be ignored.
We have not entirely decided how to handle the static version present in a PDF.
First in a <figure>, so it can be cross-referenced.
Figure 18.1. MP3 Piano Trill (
Now, naked, between a couple of paragraphs, with specified asymmetric margins, and a computed width.
Now in a <sidebyside> with an “Organ Finale” WAV file on the left, and on the right, Bach in OGG format at a very low bit rate (32 kps). From