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Appendix B Solutions to Selected Exercises

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This is an introduction, where you might explain that this division of the back matter contains various hints, answers, solutions of inline exercises, divisional exercises, project-like blocks, worksheet exercises, and/or reading questions. See the source to see just how this solutions division was built.

4 An Interesting Corollary
4.2 A Pedagogical Note about Subsection 4.1
4.2.1 Symbolic and Numerical Integrals

Checkpoint 4.4. Essay Question: Compare and Contrast.

4.2.3 Advice

Activity 4.3. Hints, Answers, Solutions.

Checkpoint 4.10. A very structured exercise.

4.10.c A title of a task that has a subtask with an <answer> for the Solutions.
4.10.c.i A task with a title and an <answer> for the Solutions.

4.2.4 Exercises

4.6 Introductions and Conclusions
4.6.2 Test Two

What Did You Learn?


11 Further Reading
11.3 More Exercises

16 Interactive Exercises
16.1 True/False

16.1.1. True/False.

16.2 Multiple-Choice

16.3 Parsons Problem, Math Proof

16.3.1. Parsons Problem, Mathematical Proof.

29 Advanced Numbering
29.7 A Title with ] a Right Bracket

Checkpoint 29.19. A Right Brace } and a Right Bracket].

29.10 Just an Exercise

Checkpoint 29.20. An Extraneous Exercise.

33 Worksheets
33.1 A Geometric Prelude

35 Exercise Section, Structured

Easy Exercises

With an Exercise Group

37 Exercises, Top-Level

37.42a. An Exercise with a Hard-Coded Problem Number.

And a conclusion to this solutions division, which may not be readily apparent as distinct from the final division's worth of solutions, but since it is not prefixed with a number, it may be different enough.