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Section M.1 Setup

We will assume you have the following:

  • An existing PreTeXt project, in a folder called PROJECT.

  • A Python installation at version 3.8 or newer.

  • The PreTeXt-CLI, installed using the instructions in Section 2.1.

For usage of the CLI, see Section 5.2.

The first thing we will do is to create a new folder. Call this folder PROJECT-CLI, and put it at the same level as the PROJECT folder. In a terminal (or in Python), enter the PROJECT-CLI directory, and run the pretext new book command. This will create the directory structure that the PreTeXt-CLI expects.

You now should see the following:

  • A project.ptx file

  • An assets folder

  • A generated-assets folder

  • A publication folder

  • A source folder

Within the source folder, there will be a file called main.ptx, and within the publication folder, there will be a publisher file, called publication.ptx.