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The PreTeXt Guide

Section 5.10 Keeping Your Source Up-to-Date

Once in a while it becomes necessary to adjust how the PreTeXt vocabulary is arranged, which involves adding or removing elements or attributes, or changing their behavior. When elements or attributes are removed, or their relationships with other elements change, we say that certain items or behaviors are deprecated. Fortunately, we can often automate the changes.
When there is a deprecation, a warning is added so that any conversion will report the presence of the old use in the console. Sometimes we can preserve the old behavior, so there is no rush to make changes to your source. Sometimes a change needs to be more urgent. And frequently old behaviors do not get updates or bug-fixes. Our warnings provide advice and information about what you need to do. There are also announcements on public discussion groups, clearly marked as deprecations. Also, the schema will change as part of any deprecation, so the old elements or old use will be reported.
For some suggestions about how to automate the process of adjusting your source, see Section 46.9.