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The PreTeXt Guide

Section 3.5 Titles

Divisions always require titles, you accomplish this with a <title> tag first thing. Almost everything that you can use in a paragraph can be used in a title, but a few constructions are banned, such as a displayed mathematical equation (for good reason). Try to avoid using footnotes in titles, even if we have tried to make them possible.
Since titles migrate to other places, such as a Table of Contents, there are options for variants of a title, such as a short version, or a markup-free version. Some (major) titles may also be structured as a sequence of <line> elements to control line-breaks for long titles.
Many, many other structures admit titles. Experiment, or look at specific descriptions of the structure you are interested in. Titles are integral to PreTeXt, much like cross-references. Titles migrate to the Table of Contents, get used in page headers for print output, can be used in lists (such as a List of Figures), and can be used as the text of a cross-reference, instead of a number. You might be inclined to not give a <remark> a title, but it would definitely be good practice to do so (study Best Practice 4.8.1). For more details consult Section 4.8.