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The PreTeXt Guide

Section E.2 PreTeXt Validation Plus

The second step of validation is our “validation-plus” stylesheet. Fortunately, there is nothing to install. Use it just like the conversions you have already been doing. In the PreTeXt distribution, in the schema directory you will find pretext-validation-plus.xsl. This is a stylesheet, unique to PreTeXt, which will carefully analyze your source to find any exceptions that the RELAX-NG schema was not designed to catch. You use the stylesheet like any other,
xsltproc ~/pretext/schema/pretext-validation-plus.xsl ~/books/aota/animals.xml
with suitably adjusted paths, and be sure to provide the -xinclude switch if your source is modularized across multiple files (Section 5.3). No news is good news, but each exception found should provide enough explanation for you to locate, and correct, the problem. These messages are under PreTeXt’s control, so please report any that are not helpful enough. That’s it—easy.