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The PreTeXt Guide

Section 29.5 Index Style

Start at Section 3.23 to learn how to create an index. The realization of the index for online output is implemented within PreTeXt. We have made certain stylistic choices, in addition to taking advantage of certain features of the online format.
  • A one-column format.
  • Indented subheadings (not run-in).
  • Maximum two levels of subheadings.
  • Word-by-word sort order on headings.
  • Locators for divisions are hyperlinks.
  • Locators for smaller units are knowls.
  • “Page ranges” use the initial location.
  • No running heads (yet).
  • A headnote can be accomplished with an <introduction>.
Some of these choices would be easy to adjust or extend as the result of a feature request.
Also, there can be significant differences between how PreTeXt implements the index for HTML and how the imakeidx package creates an index for . See Section 30.15 and [3].