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The PreTeXt Guide

Section 4.29 MyOpenMath Exercises

MyOpenMath is a hosted online homework system with tens of thousands of prebuilt questions.
In the web output, the MyOpenMath question will be embedded and interactive. In static output, the a static version of the question will be included. Note that while all questions will display in web output, some MyOpenMath questions may not convert to static format correctly
To include a MyOpenMath question, you’ll first need an account on
where you can browse the question libaries and look up the question ID. Then in your PreTeXt document include a <myopenmath> element with a @problem attribute with the MyOpenMath question ID.
To further control the web behavior of the embedded question, you can optionally include a @params attribute containing a comma-separated list of parameters, like maxtries=1,showhints=0, which can include:
(default 0): Set to more than 0 to set the max tries on a question part before it gets disabled, and before a scaffolded question will move on to the next part.
(default 0): Set to 1 to hide the "score: #" that displays after submitting a question. Score markers (check or x) will still show.
(default 1, or maxtries if set): Set to have the answer show after this many tries. Set to 0 to have answers never show.
(default 3): Set to 0 to suppress help features, like hints and video buttons.
(default 1): setting this to 1 will show a "Try another version" button after submitting.
(default 0): Set to 1 for all parts to get submitted, regardless of whether all parts are answered.
(default random): To set a specific seed (1-9999) to force a specific version of the question to display