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The PreTeXt Guide

Section 36.1 Solutions

Philosophies about the purpose and use of exercises varies among authors and instructors. Some think hints, answers, and/or solutions, should be universally available to students to use responsibly. Others like to assign exercises to be graded as part of a course grade. Some are resigned to solutions that are distributed in a limited fashion eventually becoming public, or that some groups of students will distribute their own solutions, possibly not uniformly. Wherever you place yourself in this debate, distributing solutions to only instructors is one approach, and some instructors may find this a very helpful aid when they teach material new to them.
There is flexibility in which of <hint>, <answer>, and <solution> can be included or excluded in your text, which can be included or excluded in an Instructor’s Version, and which can be included or excluded in a Solution Manual (see Section 37.1). You can choose to author these or not, and then decide which to include in the student version, and which to include in an independently-produced Instructor Version, and which to include in a Solution Manual.
Read Section 37.2 (and Section 37.3) for some practical advice about limiting distribution of solutions.