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The PreTeXt Guide

Section A.3 Feature Requests and Reporting Problems

We use the issue tracker at the GitHub site as an organized to-do list. You do not need to know anything about git to use this forum. Just make a new issue, or make a comment on an existing issue. Frequently, a discussion on the groups will culminate with the creation of a new issue. It is nice to have a link from the discussion to the issue, and vice-versa.
If you are asked to create an issue in response to a discussion you initiated, please consider doing so. It will save the other volunteers just a bit of time to work on other parts of PreTeXt. And you will also get email-for-life as the issue is discussed and eventually closed. It is a very helpful contribution.
As you gain more experience, you will identify bugs, obsolete instructions, typos, etc. Search the issues to see if there is something relevant you can add. For example, your particular version of a bug might provide the key insight into identifying the cause. When you are certain something is wrong, and there is no need to discuss it in the groups, feel free to go straight to making an issue. For something like a list of typos, make a single issue and just keep editing your initial post.
If you have some structural problem, see if you can reproduce it by adding into the minimal example, and post that entire source file. If the rendering in HTML is a bit off or you think it exhibits a bug, be sure to post a link to a live example, not just a verbal description and definitely not a screenshot. If you need an easy, quick, free, temporary location to host one file or your whole project as HTML, try Netlify Drop