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Section 43.7 WeBWorK Options

A WeBWorK host course on a WeBWorK server somewhere does the processing of a project's <webwork> elements. These are the details needed to specify where that course is and how PreTeXt will access it. These are discussed again in Subsection 37.4.1.

Subsection 43.7.1 Server

The URL to the WeBWorK server is in the attribute


should include the protocol (e.g. http or https) and not include a trailing slash. The server should be version 2.14 or later.

Subsection 43.7.2 Course

The name of the host course is in the attribute


Subsection 43.7.3 Course Password

A course password (distinct from a user password) is in the attribute


Subsection 43.7.4 User

The username that signs in to the host course to process exercises is in the attribute


Subsection 43.7.5 User Password

That user's password is in the attribute