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The PreTeXt Guide

Appendix A Welcome to the PreTeXt Community

Thank-you for your interest in PreTeXt, and welcome! This appendix is meant to answer some questions you may have about how this open-source project is organized, how you can get help, and how you can contribute back.
PreTeXt is not and it is not Word. Some “features” of those languages are intentionally missing, but more importantly, the mind-set expected of authors is completely different. One of the most important distinctions is that PreTeXt treats the author, the publisher, and the reader (which might be an instructor) as separate entities—even when those are all the same person.
Newcomers to PreTeXt should focus on the author role. Make sure the structure of your book is marked-up properly. If something looks wrong in your output, assume it is a problem with the source markup. If the source is correct but the output does not look as you wish, leave that as a problem for the publisher, to be addressed after you have finished writing the content.