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The PreTeXt Guide

Section 3.21 Front Matter

In the beginning of your <book> or <article> you can have a <frontmatter> element that contains various items that would precede your first <chapter> or <section> (respectively). Possibilities include <titlepage>, <colophon>, <biography>, <abstract>, <dedication>, <acknowledgement>, <foreword>, and <preface>. Some of these may be duplicated (e.g., several prefaces for multiple editions), many of these items are restricted to books (e.g., a foreword), and some items are restricted to articles (e.g., an abstract). The schema (Chapter 6) will help you place them in the right order in your source. See Section 4.24 for details.
The <frontmatter> is also employed in other types of documents, such as a <slideshow>, in similar, but not identical, ways.