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Appendix J Windows Installation Notes

This appendix explains the best known way to install the PreTeXt toolchain in a Windows environment, rather than a Unix-flavored operating system (such as Linux and Apple's OS X). It has been tested on Windows 7, 8, and 10. We assume that none of the listed tools or equivalents have been previously installed. That may complicate matters. This is especially true if you use Cygwin, or if you have already installed Python on your machine. PreTeXt compatibility with existing Python installations is addressed elsewhere in this document ([provisional cross-reference: python-pretext-compatibility]).

If you have Windows 10, be sure to read about WSL in Appendix K, which could be a whole lot easier to setup and maintain.

If you find any problems or bugs, please let us know at the PreTeXt Support group in Google Groups, or email drosoff AT collegeofidaho DOT edu.