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Section J.5 Installing ImageMagick

Visit the ImageMagick downloads page and grab a binary. If you have a 64-bit Windows installation (Subsection J.1.4), use the recommended version. If you have a 32-bit installation, find the version whose filename is obtained from that of the recommended version by substituting x86 for x64. For example, if the recommended version's filename is:


then a good choice for a 32-bit Windows would be

List J.5.1. imagemagick Installation
  1. Run the installer from your download location.

  2. Accept the license agreement.

  3. Choose a default installation location that has no spaces in its folder name. The default choice “Program Files” causes problems because of path name issues. I chose


    It matters because the ImageMagick utility convert is used by the pretext script to convert your images into different formats. The pretext script will have a lot of trouble with path names that contain spaces.

  4. When confronted with “Select additional tasks”, make sure that the boxes for “Add application directory to your system path” and “Install legacy utilities” are checked.

  5. If you like, carry out the procedure to verify your installation.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed ImageMagick.