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The PreTeXt Guide

Section 3.15 Nontrivial Characters

Quality typography is more expansive than the limited capabilities of computer keyboards, whose history is rooted in the machines known as typewriters. Some characters are never present on a keyboard (e.g., a pilcrow), while others are ambiguous. Is a diagonal line a slash used to separate information (either/or), or is it a solidus used to form a simple fraction such as 3⁄4? Table 3.15.1 is a sample of how PreTeXt addresses this. (The last two are the technical exceptions imposed by using a markup language, see Section 3.14.) See Section 4.1 for a more comprehensive and detailed discussion.
Table 3.15.1. Nontrivial Characters
To get this: Type this: To get this: Type this
<ellipsis/> <fillin/>
<icon name="gear"/> <icon name="wrench"/>
PrtScn <kbd>PrtScn</kbd> <kbd name="shift"/>
<ndash/> <mdash/>
® <registered/> © <copyright/>
<permille/> <pilcrow/>
§ <section-mark/> · <midpoint/>
<trademark/> <swungdash/>
× <times/> ± <plusminus/>
<solidus/> ÷ <obelus/>
° <degree/>
<prime/> <dblprime/>
& &amp; < &lt;