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The PreTeXt Guide

Worksheet A Skeletal Worksheet

It can be helpful to say what the point of the worksheet is.


Here's a first exercise in this worksheet. Notice how we set the workspace in inches.


A second exercise, this time structured with tasks. The workspace specification is assigned to each task.


Here's the first task.
Why not give a hint here, we're nice authors, right?


The second task. No hint this time!
OK, we're now onto a second page, one of the few times you can force this.
Figure 17.0.2. Just a little figure


Only inside a worksheet can you put an exercise in a sidebyside!
Sure, you can have an answer here.


Here's the second column. We also could have just put a figure here if we needed for layout.


One more exercise to do.

Final thoughts.

Put something here because you might run out of time.