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The PreTeXt Guide

Section D.5 Atom

An open source alternative to Sublime Text with many of the same features is Atom
, made by the folks at GitHub. Much of the advice given in Section D.1 also applies to Atom, although the shortcuts and packages might be slightly different. Atom is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
There are two packages specifically for PreTeXt that can speed up writing. First, language-pretext
provides syntax highlighting and snippets for PreTeXt documents. This should highlight math enclosed in <m> tags and in fact allow you to use snippets there. The PreTeXt snippets allow you to, for example, start typing example and upon hitting return or tab, expand to the tags needed to write an example. Particularly helpful are the snippets for <p>, <li>, and <m>, as these put your cursor in the right spot (hitting tab again should pop you out of the <m> tags).
Second, linter-spell-pretext
provides spell checking that is PreTeXt aware (so it should only check your text, not tags for spelling errors). This requires the linter-spell package, which in turn requires that you have aspell or hunspell installed.