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The PreTeXt Guide

Section 41.2 Overview

Some changes in style are effected by setting string parameters that exist for use at the command line. However, the more flexible features come from the selection by PreTeXt of certain packages. These have been chosen for their flexibility, maturity, and stability. They should be part of a full installation, especially one based on TeXLive. We presume each author has a similar installation. Please let us know of any exceptions. Please try to avoid requiring new packages as part of your style, and if necessary, be sure they are mainstream ones. Start a discussion on the development forum if you think it is warranted or necessary. It may be difficult and error-prone for you to employ and integrate an obscure package, and it will cause problems for authors who want to use your style.
This is an incomplete list of the primary packages we employ, and their general purpose. They, and their documentation, can be easily found at the Comprehensive Archive Network 1 , aka CTAN.
Table 41.2.1. Principal packages used for styles
geometry Specification of the sizes of paper, margins, headers and footers
titleps Headers and footers (part of titlesec)
titlesec Titles of divisions
tcolorbox Boxes, colors, etc. for <example>, <remark>, etc.