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The PreTeXt Guide

Section 41.9 Testing and Debugging

The sample article tries to have one of everything, plus a few torture tests. It is a good place to test initially, especially with the tcb-style templates. The sample book is less haphazard, but does have most of the structure a typical book would have. So if you are designing for a book it is a good place to test page styles, headers and footers, and division titles. (2019-09-30: it is possible <part> has not been tested thorougly enough yet.)
When things go bad, such as a non-obvious compilation, it can help to stop working with PreTeXt source, and instead edit the generated until the problem is understood.
We do not expect to provide great support for this process. First, because new code and basic support already keeps us busy, and second, because you have the freedom to really make a mess, and thus you should take responsibility for the problem. When you are certain that PreTeXt has done something wrong or inadvisable, please, please do post in the development forum with a careful explanation and a (minimal) example. It will happen. Just don’t use the forums as a replacement for this documentation or a bit of sleuthing through the that you are now creating. With freedom comes responsibilty. Thanks.